DataTables 1.9 beta 2

DataTables 1.9 beta 2

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Hello all,

I'm really pleased (a slight understatement!) to announce the release of DataTables 1.9 beta 2 - the second beta before the general release of DataTables 1.9.0. This release comes a month and a day after the first beta and sees a number of improvements to the library as a whole, and I'm really excited about the full release of 1.9. As such, I would encourage you to upgrade to this latest beta and test it. If you discover any issues, please do let me know!

1.9 Demos:
What's new in 1.9:
Upgrade notes: - lists all new and modified API and initialisation options
Package download:

New in beta 2:

- Overhaul of state saving. These changes are detailed in this blog post: which also shows how the new options can very easily be used to implement localStorage state saving. Note that if you are using ColReorder and state saving, you will need to upgrade.

- New core stylesheets. jquery.dataTables.css (and its ThemeRoller equivalent) provide a strong, simple and flexible foundation for your DataTables, allowing you to easily customise the look and feel of your table. These currently work alongside "demo_table.css", but eventually will replace it as styles specific to the demos are moved into their own stylesheet.

- Almost all plug-ins (all but TableTools which still needs a little work) have been packaged as new versions and released with beta 2, to ensure compatibility and all the latest bug fixes are available.

- A number of smaller features and bug fixes - full information is available in the release notes.

Still lots of works to do and many grand plans to implement for the project, but 1.9 is shaping up nicely and will be deadly for release soon (so please do try it out and pass on any feedback!).

If you have any issues with the new release or upgrading from a previous version, please post your message in a new thread so we can keep track of individual issues.

And finally, DataTables can continue to be developed due to donations and support purchases from the community, so please consider making a donation to the project to keep it under active development and keep the support levels up to par!



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    That's great news! I'd be willing to download it and give it a try if you'd help me construct what I call a super grid with DT, you up to the challenge Allan?

    Thank you you this fantastic library!

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    Certainly! Could you post a new thread about your super grid, and we'll discuss what is involved there.

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