Editor - editing for DataTables

Editor - editing for DataTables

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Hello all,

I'm delighted to introduce a new plug-in for DataTables that brings a full editing toolset to the DataTables suite - Editor: http://editor.datatables.net .

Up until this point, DataTables has been focused on providing the highest quality tools to represent and access data in HTML tables. The goal of continuous improvement to that core principle has not changed, but Editor adds a new dimension of capabilities to DataTables. Building on the DataTables API, Editor has its own, easy to use and well documented, API to present a wealth of editing options to you the developer, and a clean interface to your end users.

Over the five years that DataTables has been in development, it has been clear that not only is it desirable for editing controls to be available for the data in many tables, but also that every table - the data contained in it, the logic of the data and its display - is very different from all other tables. This realisation is the cornerstone of Editor - with plug-ins for field types, display controllers and flexible CSS styling, Editor can be tightly integrated with your site/app to make it feel like an integral part of your software.

Editor has its own site which has a wealth of information about the software, including full documentation, download and purchase options: http://editor.datatables.net

Editor is considered a "first class plug-in" for DataTables and support for Editor will be available in this forum, as with all other first class plug-ins - if you have any questions about Editor, please do add a post. For support queries, please start a new thread.



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    thanks for letting me have an advance copy of Editor. It has saved me countless hours of development on my PHP/MySQL site.
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    I'll check it out.
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    I'm trying to get the aaData object once a table's data (created in Editor) has been updated and do some sum up of certain columns. Can someone guide me on how to do it? I was trying to use some of the DataTable callback functions (for example: fnFooterCallback) but is seems those can be used only on the "regular" DataTable objectsand not in the ones created by Editor (at least I wan't able to understand how to)
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    Hi agustin_garcia,

    As I mentioned in my post above, could you possibly start a new thread for your question please? This allows use to keep each thread for a single question, otherwise there can be multiple overlapping questions which gets very confusing.

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