Plug-in updates: TableTools, Scroller, FixedHeader and FixedColumns

Plug-in updates: TableTools, Scroller, FixedHeader and FixedColumns

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Hello all,

I'm really pleased to announce the release of the updated plug-ins TableTools 2.0.3, Scroller 1.0.2, FixedHeader 2.0.6 and FixedColumns 2.0.3. These plug-in packages are all available on the downloads page: or from the links below, and will be included in the DataTables 1.9.1 package.

TableTools 2.0.3:

Although this is a minor release of TableTools, you will notice a visible change - the button styles have been updated to look a lot cleaner! By default now the export buttons do not have icons assigned to them, but the CSS required for this is in the CSS source file and simply needs to be commented back in if you do want them. The CSS as a whole has been reworked to be more readable and easier to modify (adding an 'inset' to the box-shadow used, for example, can provide a great effect).

The other major change is the file name change from 'cvs' to 'csv' in the SWF file names - this was a typo in previous released :-(.

Scroller 1.0.2

Scroller has been very stable since its initial release, but this new version introduces a couple of big fixes that could cause problems with certain Ajax loading methods and working with other DataTables extras.

FixedHeader 2.0.6

A minor update to FixedHeader, but brings with it two new features: 1. the ability to specify a top offset for where the fixed header should become fixed - useful for when working with position:fixed elements, a la Twitter Bootstrap, and 2. the ability to work with multiple TBODY elements (note that this applied to FixedHeader's use without DataTables, since DataTables doesn't not itself currently support multiple TBODY elements.

FixedColumns 2.0.3

Bug fix release for FixedColumns, nothing too exiting, unless you had hit a bug in FixedColumns - particular emphasis is on row height calculations and IE fixes.

If you run into any issues with these updates, please post a message in a new thread, so we can track individual issues separately.

Enjoy :-)
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