DataTables 1.9 beta 3

DataTables 1.9 beta 3

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Hello all,

This is likely the last beta before 1.9.0 final is released. It really sees a rounding off of the features that 1.9 introduces, rather than anything hugely new. Along side a few small fixes and documentation tidy ups, are there two main changes in this new beta:

- The new underscore function (_) which is the compliment of the $ function - rather than returning a jQuery object from the selector, the underscore function returns the data for the rows that were selected b the selector. The function takes the same options as the $ function. For example you can do:

table._('tr'); // get data for all rows in the table
table._('tr.selected'); // get data for rows with the class "selected"
table._('tr', {"filter": "applied"}); // get data for rows available after filtering

Full documentation for _:

The other significant change is in using mDataProp as a function. This is now a huge amount more flexible, and will be the topic of a blog post in the near future :-)

1.9 links:

What's new in 1.9:
Upgrade notes: - lists all new and modified API and initialisation options

Package download:

If you have any issues with the new release or upgrading from a previous version, please post your message in a new thread so we can keep track of individual issues.

And finally, DataTables can continue to be developed due to donations and support purchases from the community, so please consider making a donation to the project to keep it under active development and keep the support levels up to par!

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