TableTools v2.0.2

TableTools v2.0.2

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Hello all,

As part of the work for the 1.9 development of DataTables I've been updating and releasing all of the "extras" for DataTables to ensure that they are as compatible and as stable as possible for the 1.9.0 release. The release I've just completed is that of TableTools v2.0.2 which has been a while in coming but it is now finally here!

A number of bug fixes, including addressing a memory leak in IE are the main items of interest with this release, but there are also some welcome new features, mainly to do with providing more control over selected rows through the API and also data that is read from the table can now be pre-processed before export, to provide more control over what is exported (fnCellRender).

New API methods:
- fnGetSelectedData - get data for the selected rows
- fnSelect - Select an individual row
- fnDeselect - Deselect an individual row

New button options:
- fnCellRender - Modify the data from the table before exporting
- mColumns - Added a 'sortable' target to go with the current options of 'visible', 'hidden' and 'all'

New pre-built button types:
- div - Create a TableTools button with a DIV rather than a BUTTON

The documentation for TableTools is fully up-to-date on this site: .

Download TableTools v2.0.2:

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