Formatting viewTotal and cascadePanes counts

Formatting viewTotal and cascadePanes counts

tacman1123tacman1123 Posts: 181Questions: 41Answers: 1

Is there a way to format the count/total in searchPanes? I thought there was, but i can't find it now.

There's a bit too much blue here, I would like to maybe dim the result where there's zero in the current search, or something like that.

Along that same theme, what control do I have over the searchpanes row? That is, can I alter how the row is displayed when there are no results returned in the current search? While cascadingPanes and viewTotal combined give a powerful search experience, for first-time users the experience can be a bit confusing, so I'm hoping altering the display makes it less intimidating.

And once again, searchPanes rock.

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