Autocomplete/Select2 with Vue

Autocomplete/Select2 with Vue

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I need functionality like autocomplete for my Vue 3 + Datatables + Editor
While searching through the forum I came across Autocomplete and Select2 plugin for jQuery.

How can I use them with Vue?
They individually offers npm libraries, but will datatables and eventually Editor can detect those and enable the field as autocompleting dropdown?



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    At the moment, what you would probably need to do in this case is use the code from the Editor / Select2 integration file (possibly without the UMD if you are using ESM loaders), which will attach itself to the DataTable object and you'd then be able to use type: 'select2' as normal from there.

    I do intend to provide NPM modules for the plug-ins to make this kind of thing a little easier in future, although I'm not yet certain when that will happen (I'm working on the code Editor library as an NPM package at the moment).


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    Hey Allan,

    Thanks. I have done following till now:

    In index.html included:

    <link href="" rel="stylesheet"  type="text/css" />
    <script src=""></script>
    <script type="application/javascript" defer src=""></script>

    In my vue project I have added the integration file >! "editor.select2.js" and removed the AMD related "if condition". The contents of factory function looks like this now:

     if (typeof exports === 'object') {
        // Node / CommonJS
        module.exports = function ($, dt) {
          if (!$) { $ = require('jquery'); }
          factory($, dt || $.fn.dataTable || require('datatables'));
      else if (jQuery) {
        // Browser standard
        factory(jQuery, jQuery.fn.dataTable);

    Then I imported "editor.select2.js" in my component as below:

    import * as Select2 from "@/core/plugins/dt-editors/editor.select2.js";

    Later tried to add the field type to editor config as:

    fields: [{
    label: "EXP/ FEE/ INV ADJ TYPE",
    name: "type",
    type: "select2",
    ipOpts: typeArr,

    and also tried to add it in onMounted() as:

    label: "EXP/ FEE/ INV ADJ TYPE",
    name: "type",
    type: "select2",
    options: typeArr,

    But I am still getting error:

    Error: Error adding field - unknown field type select2

  • allanallan Posts: 61,686Questions: 1Answers: 10,100 Site admin

    Do you know if you are using CommonJS or ESM?

    If ESM (which is reasonably likely with Vue), you'll probably need to do:

    import DataTable from '';

    at the top of the integration file. That will populate the DataTable variable and give somewhere for the plug-in to latch onto.


  • ktadrowskiktadrowski Posts: 13Questions: 5Answers: 0
    edited April 2023

    ESM it is.

    I modified the import as below:

        import DataTable from '';
        import DataTablesLib from '';

    and that removed the type error.

    I have also replaced the require('datatables') with require(''), the correct library name for Vue.

    Now below console.log statement coming as undefined

        (function ($, DataTable) {
          'use strict';
          if (!DataTable.ext.editorFields) {
            DataTable.ext.editorFields = {};

    it's undefined, and so the error turned as

    Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'ext').

    I tried to remove the DataTable as function parameter, which resulted into displaying the DataTable object in console, but that object is also missing

    DataTable.Editor.fieldTypes or

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