Error initialisation with other extension

Error initialisation with other extension

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I try to test this extension but I have 2 errors
Initialisation is
+ extension colreorder + searchpane + select and moment-with-locales.min.js + datetime-moment.js

2 problems :
1. when I use jQuery.fn.dataTable.moment( 'DD/MM/YYYY' ); in my code, I have an error
1. when I put the button savedStates, I have an error a.button(...).collectionRebuild is not a function
2. when I clic on createState, I have an error Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'c') at B.action (dataTables.stateRestore.min.js:99:137)

maybe a conflict between extensions I guess....
can you help me please ?


  • allanallan Posts: 60,916Questions: 1Answers: 9,929 Site admin

    Thanks for your question. Could you post a link to a running test case showing the issue so we can offer some help. Information on how to create a test case (if you aren't able to link to the page you are working on) is available here.


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