DT Select Multi - Search Field

DT Select Multi - Search Field

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Hi there,

I have a Problem with Select and search Funktion:
Activated is Select Multi, Search-Box for filtering, checkBoxes in first Column

Option for checkboxes:
data: '',
defaultContent: "",
"searchable": false,
'checkboxes': {
'selectRow': true

I select a row. When i now type in a text, all rows being selected!
Or the same szenario. I searched for a row, select this row. Now i delete the search-input value and then all rows are selected.

When i deactivate checkboxes, it works fine. Do i need some rowid as defaultContent?

Newest Modules:
JSZip 2.5.0, pdfmake 0.1.36, DataTables 1.11.4, Buttons 2.2.2, HTML5 export 2.2.2, DateTime 1.1.1, FixedHeader 3.2.1, Responsive 2.2.9, Select 1.3.4


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