Shortin Not Working After Inline Update Value

Shortin Not Working After Inline Update Value

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My project in .Net Core. I have a Grid which has editable inline row. First time when I short for Status Column its working fine.
But after inline edit if I update Status "Active" to "InActive" or vice versa then shorting not working properly.
The Html Code:

<td class="DepartmentStatus">
                    @if (@item.DepartmentStatus == "Active")
                        <span css="Status" id="status" name="status" class="active-td">@item.DepartmentStatus</span>
                        <span css="Status" id="status" name="status" class="inactive-td">@item.DepartmentStatus</span>

                    <select name="ddlstatus1" id="ddlstatus1" css="StatusList" asp-for="@item.DepartmentStatus" asp-items="@item.StatusList" style="display:none">

Here is my Jquery:

$(document).ready(function () {
"pageLength": 5,
"lengthMenu": [5, 10, 25, 50],
"order": []

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    This sounds related to your other thread. As I mentioned there, it would be worth looking at Editor, as it's designed specifically to deal with these issues,


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