Unable to install datatables.net-responsive-bs5

Unable to install datatables.net-responsive-bs5

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I try to install DT 1.11 with responsive plugin with "webpack": "^5.58.1"

Error when I try to use webpack to run a webpack development server for my website.

May I know why?

Compiled with problems:

ERROR in ./node_modules/datatables.net-responsive-bs5/js/responsive.bootstrap5.js

Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'datatables.net-responsive' in '/mypath/node_modules/datatables.net-responsive-bs5/js'

My js file import the library as below.

import "datatables.net-bs5";
import "datatables.net-responsive-bs5";

my package.json deps:

"dependencies": {
        "datatables.net-bs5": "^1.11.3",
        "datatables.net-responsive-bs5": "^2.2.9"

node version: 16.13.0
npm version: 8.1.0

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  • colincolin Posts: 13,282Questions: 0Answers: 2,271
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    You also need the standard files, I'm pretty sure this list will get you going:

    import "datatables.net";
    import "datatables.net-bs5";
    import "datatables.net-responsive-bs5";
    import "datatables.net-responsive";


  • allanallan Posts: 55,108Questions: 1Answers: 8,653 Site admin
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    Yes, unfortunately we have a packaging error in the current release which means that the bs5 package doesn’t have a dependency on the core packages. I’ve corrected it and we need to tag up and release it. Until then, Colin’s workaround should help.


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