custom Format for Editor 2.0.4 with full row inline

custom Format for Editor 2.0.4 with full row inline

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Hi there
i was looking to style a little bit better the inline editing and i came across this example posted in editor documentation but it seems not working. So i saw this post
simply saying that templates not apply to inline and bubble editing and i suppose it may be the reason , right?
Is it still the same for Editor 2.0.4 or we can manage something?


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    That's right, inline editing only edits data in the table's cell, so the template wouldn't apply, as that's for the entire record.

    What kind of styling did you have in mind? Would bubble editing be closer to your goal?


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    Unfortunately not.
    We use to edit in a modal fashion like bubble but now our goal is to minimize modal/other views been called and the fullrow-inline editing it's nearly perfect to manage medium sized table.But.. if you start using lots of fields and also other type of fields (like i'm doing with chosen select plugins ) it would be a lot better if i could organize style's complexity.

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    Perhaps you could say what you would like to customise about the default way Editor does inline editing? It should be possible to customise the CSS, but it will depend exactly upon what you are looking for how it should be done.


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