Editor 2!

Editor 2!

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Hi all,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of Editor 2! I have a detailed blog post about what is in Editor 2 and how to upgrade, but as a summary, the new features include:

  • DataTable as an input
  • Nested editing
  • Inline editing with multiple fields
  • Bootstrap 5 support

There are also a whole host of smaller features, tweaks and fixes. A full set of release notes are available.

In terms of upgrading, the process is the same as normal: upgrade your Javascript and CSS for Editor, along with the server-side libraries (if you are using our PHP, NodeJS or .NET libraries). Important If you are using the datetime input, you must now include the DateTime library, as it has been separated from Editor core to improve re-usability. This can easily be done on with the download builder by selecting the DateTime library. You should also be aware that legacy options have been removed in release, although most were deprecated way back in 1.3, so you are unlikely to be using them.

We've updated our licensing model a little as well - the pricing for Editor stays the same, and you will now receive one year of updates to the software from the time of purchase. The software will not expire after this time - you can continue using the latest version from that period of time, or you can select an upgrade package to continue receiving the latest upgrades without interruption. We offer a yearly subscription (with 20% discount on the upgrade package) to make this easier if you choose this option.

For anyone who purchased Editor in 2020 or 2021, you automatically receive a v2 license and one year of upgrades. If you purchased Editor prior to 2020, upgrade pricing will show up automatically on the purchase page when logged in with your original purchasing account.

I hope you all enjoy using Editor 2 as much as we have developing it!



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    Yay for inline editing with multiple fields. Very nice.

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    Thank you for the new Datatable as input feature and the nice code examples.

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