DataTables 1.8.2 released

DataTables 1.8.2 released

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Hello all,

I'm really pleased to be able to release DataTables 1.8.2! Its been around two months since the last release update, so although this is a minor number release there are a number of nice new features in this release, along with a range of bug fixes to help improve reliability of the library.

New features:
- fnServerParams ( ) - this is a callback function which allows you to very easily send extra information to the server when making an Ajax request. Previously the way to do this was to override fnServerData (which still works if you want to it that way), but it was rather messy and meant you had to reconstruct the $.ajax() request that DataTables makes. Now it is trivial to simply add any many parameters as you wish! Example:

- oLanguage.sInfoThousands ( ) - easily change the thousands separator that DataTables uses for the table information (by default a comma). Previously you had to rewrite fnFormatNumber - now its trivial :-)

- If a data source is found to be a function (rather than a string, number or anything else) in the data which is feed into the table, the function is run and the return used as the value to be displayed, filtered, sorted etc. This is very useful for working with backbone.js / knockout.js.

- All examples now have syntax highlighting for the code examples, and the DataTables initialisation properties are links to the documentation reference for that parameter - much easier to find out what easy parameter does and what is valid for it.

- All examples which make use of Ajax now display what the last response from the server was, so you can get an idea of the formatting that DataTables expects, and what it can work with. As each new XHR is sent to the server the information on the page is updated.

Bug fixes:
- There was a few issues with table width when working with IE where x-scrolling was enabled. This has now been addressed.
- Arrow keys in the filtering input wouldn't work - the cursor would always jump to the end
- Various other fixes (22 in all). See the release notes for full information ( and click on 'notes').

DataTables 1.8.2 package download:

Finally, supporting and continuing the development of DataTables takes a lot of time, please consider supporting DataTables further development and support by making a donation to the project - it really is very much appreciated!



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    This is one of the best plugins I've had the pleasure of using. Keep up the good work!
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    when i tried to run the samples and test the editable.html page the change did not save. Edit a column and hit return the new value did not save
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    @dvnandover: Can you open a new thread for this discussion since it isn't directly related to the release of 1.8.2 please?

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