SearchPanes 1.0

SearchPanes 1.0

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Hi all,

I'm delighted to announce the release of SearchPanes 1.0. We have a detailed blog post about it, but as a quick summary, this is a project that has been Sandy's focus for the last three months and has been developed based on a prototype I made two years ago and asked for feedback from. The feedback has been wonderful, so thank you to everyone who has contributed!

SearchPanes is now a "first class" and fully supported extension for DataTables and is available on our CDN, the download builder and also npm. It also has full summary documentation including information on how to build your own custom pane filters and reference documentation for its options and API methods.

We hope you enjoy using this latest member of the DataTables family! Further feedback so we can continue to develop it is very welcome.

If you run into any questions while using SearchPanes, please post your questions in a new thread so we can keep track of individual issues and ensure they are addressed.



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