Upgrade on scroller issue

Upgrade on scroller issue

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I upgraded from DataTable 1.10.18 to 1.10.20 and scroller 1.5.0 to 2.0.1.
As soon as I did, the scroller will only display the default size of a page, ten rows even though there are over 500 rows in the dataset.

I created an example on live datatable to illustrate my issue:


You will see here that there are 550 rows but I can see only the first ten inside the scroller.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Scott.

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    I enabled scroller and disable scrollResize although I don't think you are loading the scrollResize plugin:

    Is this what you are expecting?


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    It worked on the code in your sample when i copied and pasted your entire solution in.
    My tables that were already in place didn't even though I carefully made sure they had the same definition.

    Ended up backing up the page and rebuilding it. I was thinking that as the components were added in, it would trigger the problem and I would know where to look.

    It never happened and the problem went away so I still don't know what the real issue is.

    Thanks for your help Kevin.

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