php-datatables 1.0 released

php-datatables 1.0 released

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Hi everyone,

I've created a php library which wraps around DataTables in an object-oriented fashion.

This library makes it easy to build complex DataTables and render them without having to manually write any html or javascript. It also allows you to easily use any data source for your table (database, csv, web services, etc...).

At this point I have included wrappers for most of the available features/options/callbacks in DataTables and the rest should be implemented in upcoming versions.

Get it here (along with full documentation and demo):

Let me know what you think!



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    you trying to get us all fired here :)
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    Marc, I believe there is an error in your demo code.

    class DbBrowserService, method searchAll():
    [code] $whereSqlParts[] = "{$column} LIKE '%{$search}%'"; [/code]
    should be
    [code] $whereSqlParts[] = "{$columnName} LIKE '%{$search}%'"; [/code]
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