DataTables 1.5.0 released!

DataTables 1.5.0 released!

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Hello all,

It is with great pleasure that I release DataTables 1.5.0. It's been a long journey since 1.4.3, with 11 beta versions of 1.5 releases, a load of new features implemented, plenty of bugs fixed and a ton of interesting discussions about future enhancements for DataTables and support questions along the way. As a quick summary of what is new in 1.5 over 1.4:

- Server-side processing for handing of the processing of large data sets to a database. Also allows for Gear and AIR database support.
- New plug-in support for custom filtering
- Unit test framework with 1'300+ tests
- Full support for Adobe AIR
- Many new examples show casing the power of DataTables

You might also notice that the web-site has been updated with a lot of new information, the documentation has been brought into line with 1.5 and the new features highlighted. The documentation has been restructured to help make it more accessible, and I've also added a number of new plug-ins which you might find it fun to play with (the new pagination plug-ins are good fun).

You can download DataTables 1.5.0 here:

Full release notes:

And please, if you can, make a donation to help support DataTables for future releases and support in this forum:




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    First bug in 1.5.0 found...

    There is a bug in DataTables when using the 'full_numbers' style of paging. To fix it, find the following line (line 322 in 1.5.0):
    var iPages = Math.ceil((oSettings.fnRecordsDisplay()-1) / oSettings._iDisplayLength) + 1;

    and replace with:
    var iPages = Math.ceil((oSettings.fnRecordsDisplay()) / oSettings._iDisplayLength);

    This will of course be included in the next release, but I thought I would get the 'word' out as soon as this has been found and fixed.
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    For some reasons 1.5 final always displays the text "Processing..." (even when nothing being processed), switch back to beta 11 and the problem goes away.

    Anybody experiencing the same problem? Thanks.
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    Interesting - could you post an example? Does that happen for you in the examples I've got up ( )?

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    I have noticed the same problem mentioned by troy8x. The problem does Not occur in the tables on this site. I confirm, when I switch back to beta 11 the problem goes away. Also, in 1.5.0, after I sort a column in my table, the processing indicator disappears and from there on it appears to work properly.

    I've also found another bug. In 1.5.0, only the first 3 of my table columns can be sorted. The remaining columns cannot be sorted and do not display the little sort-indicator icons. In 1.5.beta.11 the column sorting is working properly.

    You can see the current state of my application (which at the time of writing employs DataTables 1.5.0) by following this URL:

    Here is my initialization code, if it helps.

    oTable[tableIndex] = $(oThisTable).dataTable( {
    "aoColumns": setColumnOptions( countTableCols(oThisTable),
    aoColumnsOptArr ),
    "aaSorting": [[1, 'asc']],
    "bProcessing": true,
    "sPaginationType": "full_numbers",
    "fnDrawCallBack": function() {alert('DataTables has redrawn the table');},
    "bAutoWidth": false
    //"bStateSave": true

    Thanks for the support.

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    Just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for your awesome work.
    I have been using datatables for a while now. The air/gears and server side paging in this release are great additions.
    Keep up the good work, you make other developer's lives much easier and your work is appreciated.
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    The new version of DataTables is not just awesome. In my humble opinion it combines every major aspect of modern web interface, needed for displaying categorized data (news, entries, products, etc.), also paging and filtering included. The biggest and overwhelming feature of it is pulling out data from a server database in a discreet, single-query based way. Even if Allan says that the filterng option (MySQL query case) is limited, actually it is not. The second filtering action is performed on already filtered and thus limited set of previously obtained results. This is exactly what is needed for a lazy type-searcher. Also submitting rows in a form - what an approach to the perfect e-comerce catalogue! I also see the gaming options this feature provides.

    I will utilize DataTables in my first project for the new seson as an interface, providing text, videos and titles on each row, slightly modifying the column's titles (not shown). Never again will I need to bother with paging issues and the count of the search results as I needed to at I am looking forward to engage DataTables in combination with Ajaxify JQuery Plugin. And thus - building twice as fast, twice as beautiful.

    DataTables is an example of what WEB is to become. I think of this application as of "Web Ahead" generation initiator. Thank you Allan! I seriously think that I should order special, modified version of DataTables from you as soon as my developer schedule becomes aparent for the next season.
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    I'm also seeing the same problems with 'Processing...' as troy8x and jaredcrossley. I don't get the processing issue on the examples on this site or when using the downloaded examples locally. I don't appear to have any sorting issues as reported by jaredcrossley, my 4 column tables sort ok. Unfortunately I'm unable to post my code or a link to an example as it's wrapped up inside another control for a proprietary system we work with.

    The 'Processing...' issue is easily solved by using the following snippet of code in your ready function:

    var dtManaged = $("#dtmanaged").dataTable();
    var oSettings = dtManaged.fnSettings();
    dtManaged.oApi._fnProcessingDisplay(oSettings, false);

    which will clear the initial display of 'Processing...' without having to sort.

    Otherwise DataTables is of a very high quality and level of functionality, kudos to allan and contributors!
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    I got a problem with sorting and filtering.
    When the content of the cell isn't pure text, e.g.
    Then, if you type "noname" in the search text box, this row will be displayed, but in fact ,there is no "noname" displayed in the page.
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    Sample Table

    first name
    last nameage total discount diff

    peterparker 28 9.99 20.3% +3

    peterparker 28 9.99 20.3% +3

    peterparker 28 9.99 20.3% +3

    peterparker 28 9.99 20.3% +3

    $('#tablesorter1').dataTable({"aoColumns": [{ "bSortable": false }, null, null, null, null, null, null]});

    Then if I type "noname" in the search box, I don't expected any rows appear, since "noname" isn't visible for user. but row 1 and 2 appear.
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    Thanks for the great plugin! I to am experiencing the 'full numbers' pagination bug. I applied the fix as suggested above but I still have an extra page number showing up in the page list. I also discovered that the minified version of the plugin code has this line [code] iPages=parseInt((oSettings.fnRecordsDisplay()-1)/oSettings._iDisplayLength,10)+1;[/code] in that function so there may be a versioning problem with the zip file.
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    Thanks for your great job on DataTables. I love this tool!

    I also met the same problem of "Processing..." display after the table initialization.
    I traced the code and found that, in the function "_fnFeatureHtmlProcessing" (line 2785),
    there may missed to hide nProcessing node. So, I add the following code before line 2795
    [code] = "hidden";[/code]
    which could be found in previous versions, 1.4.3.

    Another questions is that,
    why should this version reset display back to page 0 after sorting? (line 3156)
    Is there any consideration?

    Thank you very much!
  • allanallan Posts: 61,585Questions: 1Answers: 10,084 Site admin
    A couple of things in this thread, so I'll try to address them individually:

    - Processing showing when it shouldn't be
    @troy8x, jaredcrossley, andyp, why910

    This error would occur when using any data source other than an Ajax source and having bProcessing set to true. It just needs the processing to be disabled after the initialisation has completed, much like andyp's code, the basis of which has now been integrated into DataTables core. This fix will be in 1.5.1.

    - Sorting only on first two columns on complex headers

    This is addressed in this thread: . The fix will be included in 1.5.1.

    - Thanks!
    @swoyan, orax

    Thank you very much! It's great to hear that DataTables is being so well received and is proving to be useful in so many applications. @orax, please feel free to get in touch if you do need some specific DataTables work. I've got loads of ideas for future versions - anyone want to employ a full time DataTables developer? ;-)

    - Searching on HTML

    If you set the sType for the column to 'html' DataTables will strip the HTML such that only visible information will be used for sorting.

    - full_numbers paging issue

    The full_numbers issue is present in all versions of DataTables 1.5.0 (minified or otherwise). This will be addressed in the soon to be released 1.5.1.

    - Reset sorting back to 0 after sorting

    The display is reset after sorting because of user interaction requirements. If you hit a sort button, then you would expect to be taken to the start point of the new sort, rather than some random point in the middle of it. It is possible to develop around this if you wish:

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