DataTables 1.5 beta 9 released

DataTables 1.5 beta 9 released

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Hello all,

I'm pleased to release a new beta for the 1.5 series, DataTables 1.5 beta 9. This release focuses mainly on expanding the API options that are available for developers such as yourselves, and represents a step towards how I see DataTables evolving in future (1.6 would see these ideas implemented).

You can download it here:

Full release notes:

Enjoy :-)


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    Hi Allan,

    I'm using 1.5 beta 9 on
    I've been searching in the documentation which 'standard' CSS to include but couldn't find it so the current table looks kind of, well, shabby :) I've found dataTables-1.5/media/css/demo_table.css and included that in the page because I saw that happening in some examples. The result shows many of the controls that are missing right now but the table now jumps all over the place (see

    Could you tell me please what minimal CSS I should include? Thanks in advance, your examples look fantastic!

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    Hi Fred,

    You've included my default styles with the demo_table.css style file. And your tables appears to have all the styles correctly applied, so it's just a case of modifying the default styles (and your html) to match what you want.

    If you want the table to take up the full width available (which is what the table's controls, filtering, paging etc are doing atm due to their "float:right") then add in style="width:100%" to the table. In addition to this, it's probably a good idea to put a wrapper around the table (a div) with a specific width so you can exactly control what the width should be.

    And that should do it for you :-)

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    Thanks for the quick response Allan! I've used both your suggestions and it looks very nice now.
    I'll be using your plugin a lot, thanks for the great job!

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