A new DataTabler - reduced support levels for a short while

A new DataTabler - reduced support levels for a short while

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Hello all,

I'm delighted to say that our little family has grown with the addition of a little boy, born on Sunday morning. He's not coding yet, but we'll get him going on building the software first and then moved on to fixing some outstanding issues soon :-).

As a result might support responses over the next week or two might be somewhat slower that we've all come to expect - they might also be at random times (3am, etc), but I will be continuing to offer support for my products in the following priority order (and in reverse chronological order - i.e. older first):

Another chapter in my own personal life, and thus by extension in DataTables - exciting times for my family and also my future plans for DataTables and its suite of supporting software, more on which soon in the blog.

Best regards to all,


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    Thats awesome man!! Im happy for ya.

    Ill help in the forums as much as i can yo take some off of your shoulders, as long as you eventually look at any i may have unanswered, lol.

    Happy for ya! Should poat a pic of your new fam! Lol

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    On behalf of everyone here on the forums, congrats Allan!!! Very happy to hear that we have a brand new datatabler!

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    I'm happy for you, Allan. Congratulations.

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    Congratulations. Hope you have a great time.

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    Great News !

    All the best

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    Congrats Allan, I'm happy for you. Enjoy !!!

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    Thank you all :-)

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    Great news Allan..

    I was just about to email you to ask you if you had anything new coming along.

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    Congratulations Allan!

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    Pure happiness for you, congratulation !!

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