create editor autofill input fields

create editor autofill input fields

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Hi I have a select option which is currently being populated through a join php. Now I want the next two input fields to be automatically populated, as soon as the on change happens & depending on the value chosen. Is that possible ? Ive been wrecking my brains, normally when I don't use Datatables I just use the Jquery onChange event. But I can't seem to find a way to implement it in data tables. Thanks


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    The title of your post references the AutoFill extension - are you looking to use AutoFill in an Editor form? That is not currently possible - AutoFill will work in a DataTable only.

    For your question, you can use a standard jQuery change event - just use the field().input() method to get the select element and then attach a change event as you would for any normal element.

    Another option is to use the dependent() method which will trigger on value change of the selected field.


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