DataTables 1.10.4 release

DataTables 1.10.4 release

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Hi all,

I'm really pleased to announce the release of DataTables 1.10.4. This is a minor update to DataTables with a number of bug fixes and can be downloaded from the downloads page and is also available on the CDN.

While 1.10.3 was a fairly large release, this edition of DataTables is just a small update to address the known issues. The two most significant changes are:

There are a few other fixes, and full release notes are available.

If you have any issues with the update to 1.10.4 please open a new thread with a full description of the issue and a link to a test case, to we can debug and track each individual issue.



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    Very nice. Love it.

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    I currently use version 1.9, with the server side options for retrieving my data. With the speed increases you mention above, is it now a viable option to not use server side processing?

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    Sounds nice!

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    How can I upgrade to 7 columns or more columns?

  • AthosXtremeAthosXtreme Posts: 4Questions: 0Answers: 0

    Using Nuget package for this version. Bootstrap pagination style is not being applied. Included js file differs from styling example.

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    I just installed the package via NuGet in a new ASP.NET MVC5 (w/bootstrap) app and wired it up as per the Installation guide. The pagination decorations do not render.


    UPDATE: Was using JQuery 2.1.1 in my project, but when I replaced these with v1.10.2 JQuery bits, it worked!

    Hmmm ....

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    Hi Guys,

    Could you tell me please if DataTables 1.10.4 support JQuery 2.1.1 ?

    I have to use that version of JQuery in my project.

    ------ Answer ------

    It does, but my code does not, sorry

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