Editor 1.3.3 and TableTools 2.2.3 released

Editor 1.3.3 and TableTools 2.2.3 released

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Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce the release of Editor 1.3.3 and TableTools 2.2.3. These are both relatively minor releases focusing on addressing known issues in the software, but they do also introduce a couple of new features, primarily on keyboard accessibility. In TableTools the buttons are now fully accessible by keyboard (use tab to navigate through them) and Editor's own keyboard accessibility has been improved.

  • Editor 1.3.3 is a free download for all license holders and can be downloaded from the Editor download page.
  • TableTools 2.2.3 can be downloaded from the downloads page.

If you have any questions about either piece of software, please open a new thread with details about your question so we can track individual issues.



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