Filter on the first column doesn't work

Filter on the first column doesn't work

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Good morning,

I have created a dataTable with filter on each column.
The first filter doesn't work but the others works well.

This is how I define filters :

 <tr id="tfoot">  
       <td><input class="listText" type="checkbox" size="1%" name="0" id="col0_filter" /></td>  
           <td><input type="text" name="1" class="search_init" /></td>      
         <td><input type="text" name="2" class="search_init" /></td>    

And how I filter :

 $("#tfoot input").keyup( function () {  
    } );

I make some tests and I discover that for the first column it didn't go into the function $("#tfoot input").keyup.
But I don't know why...

If you have any ideas please told me :-)


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