Scroller with bStateSave/bServerSide/sAjaxSource

Scroller with bStateSave/bServerSide/sAjaxSource

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Hi Allan,
First of all THANK YOU for your great Plugin! It is fun to use!

I am referring to this post

I still experience the same "problem" using scroller version 1.2.0 with datatables 1.9.4. But the solution of user bschooley works for me - as far as i can see now without side effects.

I haven't seen you making a change on github out of this. Do you plan to merge it in or will you deal with the problem in another way?

Best regards,


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    The mentioned solution doesn't work for me after all. Side effects appear, when iDisplayStart is higher than zero. The scroller position is correct but the wrong (first) chunk of data is rendered. This data is not visible in the viewport.

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    I've just added a comment here: . Its worth noting that the fix depends upon DataTables 1.10, which from your other post you are actually using already (your previous post was from a while back, so possibly you've updated since then!).


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    Hi Allan,
    your right. Now i'm using DataTables 1.10 with the latest scroller. Your fix for Scroller (1.2.2dev) works like a charm!

    Everybody reading this: get the latest versions of DataTables and Scroller and forget about the "solution" mentioned above.

    Regards, Chrsitian

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