[SOLVED] Adding a link to view the record

[SOLVED] Adding a link to view the record

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Currently I made my datatable have an 'action' column. This is shown correctly. In the column I made a link, also shown correctly with correct ID information. However for some reason the link is not triggering the javascript. I use this for I want to call a controller action (MVC) with specific variables and open the view in a specific div.

my 'mRender' value of the column
[code]var tmpId = full.iInquiryId;
var tmpType = full.strType;
var strAction = "View";
return ''+ strAction +'';

then the java script I made
//$.get('@@Url.Action("InquiryDetail", "Inquiry", new { strType = "' + strType + '", iInquiryId = ' + iInquiryId + ' } )', function (data) {
// $('#msspPageContent').html(data);

As you see, I made the script as simple as possible to show 'hi' but it doesn't work. In Fiddler I don't even see the click. The results I saw here didn't help yet.

Maybe I'm going down the wrong road, so please advise if this is true.


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    Just figured it out. I changed my code to capture the click (like with dblClick). Then it started working immediatly.
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