Site downtime - 20th November 2013

Site downtime - 20th November 2013

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Hello all,

For those of you using the site today you will likely have noticed extremely poor performance of the server, with frequent interruptions and pages often taking a long time to load, if they do at all.

The reason for this has been an attack on the site, which has been used to push redirects to 3rd party sites, including automatic downloads from those sites (not from Twitter and Facebook streams have been flooded with links to resulting in very heavy load of the web-server and database server, resulting in the effect you now see. is now disabled, serving 404s for anything other than the root page, which simply shows a message indicating that there is an issue. I'm also cleaning the database of these erroneous entries.

We have a great community here, I feel that you are all a real asset to the open source community as a whole, so it is very disappointing to have this happen here. Hopefully it will calm down soon, and we can just get back to writing great software :-).

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