The DataTables family is growing & support for early September

The DataTables family is growing & support for early September

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Dear all,

I'm very proud to announce that on Friday 30th August my first child was born. Both he and the rest of the family are doing very well :-)

As a result the levels of free support that I will be able to offer personally over the next two weeks will be substantially reduced while we all get used to our new lives! I'll be answering what questions I can, when I'm able, with priority going to premium support and Editor licence holders of course.

Not only is it an exciting time in my personal life, but also in my professional life with the progress of DataTables 1.10 which I'm really looking forward to releasing. I'll be posting on the blog with updates and more technical articles in future as well.



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    Congrats :-)
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    congo.. :)
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    wish you all the best and congrats
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    Enjoy the new life. I guess, in the first 3 month we will get best support now from 1am to 6am, because sleeping is not possible at all :-)))


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    Congrats..Best wishes for the new member and rest of the family. Don't worry about this child ( datatable).. being grownup it can manage alone for few days :)
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    It would be great if you could give us a target release date for v1.10
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    Thank you everyone :-)

    Regarding a 1.10 release date - I'd love to say end of this month, start of next for the beta, but given how much time is being taken up with the little one at the moment, and the fact that I've got contract work to catch up on, I'm not sure about that... The software is beta ready, its all about the documentation now and getting the time to write it so it all makes sense! Current target is November for a stable release.

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    Congratulations allan! What an exciting time in your life!!
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    Congratulation Allan. Welcome to the club :) Enjoy all the happy moments you get with the little one.
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    Thank you everyone :-).

    "Normal" (the new normal!) service is now resumed.

    I'm going to be redirecting more of my efforts on DataTables 1.10 at the expense of answering questions in the forum. 1.10 has dragged on too long and forum questions take us so much time, so it seems like the correct thing to do. As such, it is important if you do want to ask questions, link to a test case! :-)

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    Sincere congratulations, Allan.

    Good thing you're a developer, because you should be used to not getting enough sleep. :)

    You are in for a most rewarding change in your life, plus a lot of stress. My 3yr old broke her arm last week. She's ok, but a few more grey hairs for me and her mum.

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    Congratulations Allan. All the best to you and your family. Hope you're enjoying fatherhood! :)
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    Congratulations, Allan. A wonderful reminder of the true priorities in life. Enjoy your family!!
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