DataTables 1.5 beta 7

DataTables 1.5 beta 7

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Hello all,

I'm pleased to released DataTables 1.5 beta 7, as the next incremental release towards 1.5 final. This is mainly a maintenance release for small bug fixes in the beta serial, but there is one new feature - you can not predefine filtering options through the use of oSearch and aoSearchCols as initialisation parameters (these objects are the same as the ones DataTables uses internally).

You can download it here:

Full release notes:

Meanwhile progress is still being made on the unit testing framework work and a couple of other add-ons for DataTables that I've been working on. The goal is still to complete the unit testing before 1.5 is released (I've already caught a few little nasties with it).

Finally for now, please consider making a donation if you are enjoying using DataTables: :-)



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