Donations update

Donations update

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Hello all,

I've temporarily suspended the ability to make donations to the DataTables project on the donate page as the structure of my business has changed recently which would make accepting donations a little bit more difficult (as well as risking a violation of Google Checkout's rules!).

As part of the work for DataTables 1.10, of which we will start to see some fruits of at the end of this month and in February, this whole site is going to get an overhaul, and I'll reintegrate a method to finically support the project at that time (rather than spending time on it now for it to be redone later). It is likely that this new option will take the form of buying a license for DataTables - DataTables absolutely will still be free under BSD and GPL licenses - that will not change. You'll just have the option of purchasing a license. The paid for license will not include any additional options or abilities, but will give you a warm fuzzy feeling for supporting DataTables :-).

In the mean time, if you do want to support DataTables, please consider:

- Writing a blog post or article about DataTables - integration or using some of the features available (and letting me know about it so I can link to it!)
- Cloning the source in GitHub and picking up a few of the issues
- Purchase support or Editor

It has meant a huge amount to me over the years that so many have supported DataTables by making a donation to the project! 2013 is going to be a good year for DataTables :-)



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    Allan and others who contributed: DataTables is amazing tool and I give you my big thanks! Such a time saver and ability to customize -- unlimited!

    Once you have donations on again, I will not hesitate to contribute financially! :)

    Keep up the good work!
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    Agree, keep up the great work and make sure you can be rewarded for it
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