TableTools 2.1.4 and ColReorder 1.0.7

TableTools 2.1.4 and ColReorder 1.0.7

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Hello all,

Pleased to announce that TableTools 2.1.4 and ColReorder 1.0.7 are now both available.

TableTools: Primarily a bug fix release that focuses on improvements to the selection API, and specific how the pre- and post- select callbacks operate. They are now provided with a lot more information about what rows are being selected / deselected. There are also other bug fixes such as an issue with exporting data which has HTML entities in it and print view with scrolling and server-side processing enabled.

ColReorder: Addresses a compatibility issue with DataTables 1.9.3.

Both packages are available on the download page ( ) and will be included in the soon to be released DataTables 1.9.4 package.

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