DataTables releases feed en-us Software release information for DataTables and its extensions StateRestore 1.0.0 released StateRestore extends DataTables' built in state saving, allowing multiple states to be saved and reloaded at any time. There is also the possibility to customise which elements of DataTables are stored in each saved state.

  • First release of StateRestore

Download StateRestore 1.0.0

Fri, 26 Nov 2021 13:27:53 GMT
RowGroup 1.1.4 released Just a single fix in this release, to address a compatibility problem with Bootstrap 5 and the Select extension for DataTables.

  • Fix: Bootstrap 5 styling with Select was broken

Download RowGroup 1.1.4

Thu, 28 Oct 2021 15:39:01 GMT
SearchBuilder 1.3.0 released This release of SearchBuilder introduces the complete set of negative searches for strings such as not starts with, allowing full negation of searches.

  • New: Add language options for delete, left and right buttons of the criteria
  • New: Add new conditions to strings: !starts, !contains and !ends. With this change, SearchBuilder is able to invert all of it's conditions by using other conditions.

Download SearchBuilder 1.3.0

Mon, 25 Oct 2021 11:04:30 GMT
FixedColumns 4.0.1 released Our first release since the major v4 update for FixedColumns addresses a number of issues that have come to light - primarily around the handling of hidden columns.

  • Fix: Use fix values to only fix visible columns rather than including them in the count
  • Fix: Fix issues where the wrong number of columns are fixed if first, or last columns were not visible
  • Fix: Allow columns time to settle before refixing after a visibility change
  • Fix: When getting the width of elements, need to take into account paging, otherwise multiple columns would not scroll correctly on the second page.
  • Fix: Fix issue with hidden columns affecting the right fixed columns
  • Fix: Detect vertical scrolling more accurately
  • Fix: Fixes for alignment issues when using bootstrap

Download FixedColumns 4.0.1

Mon, 25 Oct 2021 10:51:35 GMT
ColReorder 1.5.5 released A patch release that addresses an error when using destroy() and then recreating a table.

  • Fix: Check that ColReorder exists before trying to reimplement it's state
  • Fix: Stop colreorder lines appearing in SearchPanes when using a scrolling table

Download ColReorder 1.5.5

Mon, 25 Oct 2021 10:32:51 GMT
DataTables 1.11.3 released The main change in this release is to handle a potential XSS issue if an array of data was given to the text renderer (many thanks to Alessio from Synk for finding this). We also add a couple of polyfills for IE and address a Bulma styling error.

  • Fix: If an array was passed to the HTML escape entities function it would not have its contents escaped causing a potential XSS issue
  • Fix: Add polyfills for Array.prototype.includes and String.prototype.includes as we use it in extensions now and IE11 (which is still supported) does not have these methods
  • Fix: Bulma styling integration - incorrect class name for is-half was being used

Download DataTables 1.11.3

Fri, 24 Sep 2021 13:17:02 GMT
SearchBuilder 1.2.2 released Minor tweaks to SearchBuilder, including a change to immediately show the search inputs when in a button, rather than needing an extra click.

  • Updated: When using SB with a button, a criteria is automatically added when the popover is opened
  • Updated: Now the state is loaded on every stateloadparams rather than just at initailisation
  • Fix: Make sure that SB events are removed properly when DataTable is destroyed
  • Fix: Reduce number of calls to redrawContents when calling rebuild

Download SearchBuilder 1.2.2

Fri, 24 Sep 2021 12:54:34 GMT
Buttons 2.0.1 released A bug fix release of buttons which addresses issues that have come to light since the v2 release.

  • Fix: Fix how buttons groups get their borders
  • Fix: Fix issue with last button not getting correct border radius if it was a dropdown
  • Fix: Using buttons().text() on a button with a drop down would result in duplicate text. This was most apparent in the pageLength button
  • Fix: Fix formatting issue in the docs for popover
  • Fix: Fix issues with SearchPanes buttons styling. Also change the clickBlurs option to have default of false rather than true. The original PR that introduced clickBlurs is referenced below
  • Fix: Fix issue with multi-level collections not being able to close
  • Fix: Popover's weren't correctly taking account of destroyed tables

Download Buttons 2.0.1

Fri, 24 Sep 2021 12:46:16 GMT
FixedColumns 4.0.0 released This release is a total rewrite of how FixedColumns works - we've leveraged position: sticky which is available in all current browsers to significantly reduce the code size of this library (56% less code), improve performance and vastly simply the DOM structure. Tables which require event handlers on the sticky columns no longer require complex event handling to tell if they are in the sticky section or not.

We've also introduced the ability to dynamically enable and disable FixedColumns and the number of columns that are fixed.

Download FixedColumns 4.0.0

Thu, 23 Sep 2021 10:27:42 GMT
FixedHeader 3.2.0 released This release of FixedHeader, alongside the FixedColumns 4 release introduces full support between the two extensions. Due to this it also now fully supports DataTables scrolling options.

  • New: Support for FixedColumns
  • New: Support for scrolling tables
  • Fix: Correct name space for events
  • Fix: Losing focus when typing quickly into an input in the header

Download FixedHeader 3.2.0

Thu, 23 Sep 2021 09:47:05 GMT
DataTables 1.11.2 released We had an error in our release scripts for 1.11.1 which resulting in the wrong version being packaged. This release addresses that.

  • Fix npm and nuget packages

Download DataTables 1.11.2

Wed, 08 Sep 2021 09:57:53 GMT
SearchBuilder 1.2.1 released Minor bump for issues found since 1.2.0, and address an npm packaging error.

  • Update to the new way of stopping the buttons popover closing itself
  • Fix issue with deleting a sub group not updating the search results
  • Fix issue with columns.searchBuilderType not taking priority for the column type
  • Fix issues with styling integrations using buttons
  • Fix issues with Select Elements and Safari

Download SearchBuilder 1.2.1

Mon, 06 Sep 2021 09:20:07 GMT
Plugins 1.11.1 released Release alongside DataTables 1.11.1.

Download Plugins 1.11.1

Sat, 04 Sep 2021 09:20:58 GMT
DataTables 1.11.1 released A quick turn around for 1.11.1 due to a let variable that sneaked in.

  • Fix: Remove let that was used instead of a var
  • Fix: Language information being loaded in might not take into account the thousands and decimal separator options if using camelCase styl

Download DataTables 1.11.1

Sat, 04 Sep 2021 09:11:50 GMT